STUDIO FIFTEEN is a motion picture development company managed by Chris White and Emily Reach White.

Chris White directs Brian Baumgartner on the set of ELECTRIC JESUS (2021).



In Development

Adventures In Zeroworld

TEAM: Alan Ray with Eric Robbins

SYNOPSIS: Inspired by the old time cliffhanger serials of the 40ʼs and 50ʼs, ADVENTURES IN ZEROWORLD combines 1950ʼs B-movie visuals with 1960ʼs TV humor. This retro sci-fi comedy series boasts a Star Wars-sized universe with over 50 characters. View Teaser

Crystal Destiny Starlight

TEAM: Autumn Harrison. Tory LeClair, Phil Montgomery, Garrison Rule

SYNOPSIS: After her father’s death, uptight New Yorker Tabby returns to the trailer park she once fled and is faced with bailing her estranged mother out of jail in time for the funeral. But with only one person in her corner – the imaginary friend she thought she’d left behind as a child, Crystal Destiny Starlight – Tabby is forced to grapple with grief, poverty, and self-loathing in this whirlwind fantasy comedy.

Estar Guars

TEAM: Abraham Duenas with Jonathan London, Chris White

SYNOPSIS: Lucas (10), a local STAR WARS super-fan known for his ingenious hero props, costumes, and spaceship models, decides to make his own STAR WARS-inspired movie in an effort to rally disparate family members to a common cause.


TEAM: Geoffrey Gunn with Claire Bronson, Chris White

SYNOPSIS: Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Geoffrey Gunn’s first feature-length suspense thriller is a Southern gothic nightmare about how no matter how far we run from our past, it’s not far enough.

The Last Defector

TEAM: Emily Reach White with Sarah Shoemaker

SYNOPSIS: The incredible life stories of Edvard Tchivzhel and Lena Forster—a stunning biopic dramatizing Tchivzhel’s daring defection, Forster’s courageous pursuit of freedom for a fellow artist and his family, and the fruitful artistic careers that followed.

Miracle Girl

TEAM: Phyllis Jackson, Shua Jackson

SYNOPSIS: A young girl is miraculously healed of a terminal illness. When she grows up to amount to not-much-of-anything she’s forced to grapple with the expectations of those around her and what it really means for her life to be a miracle.


TEAM: Emily Reach White with Chris White

SYNOPSIS: It’s Girls meets Little Women meets Broad City…and then this unholy trinity has a baby with Freaks and Geeks that grows up to be Fleabag with a little Ordinary People and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt thrown in for good measure. OK. Maybe it’s not all that. But PREMARITAL is the story of Elizabeth and Julia, two best friends navigating life at a fundamentalist Bible school during the mid-Nineties and early two thousands.

So Long Farewell

TEAM: Chris White with Zach Bromberg, Claire Bronson, Emily Reach White

SYNOPSIS: When their eccentric father passes away, adult brother and sister must stage his auto-biographical tribute play to receive their inheritance: “Imagine if the sequel to WAITING FOR GUFFMAN was them mounting a community theatre adaptation of MR. HOLLAND’S OPUS. With a ‘coming-of-middle age’ twist.”

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